CMR 250 6.05 :  Mortgage Loan Inspections

(1) Procedural Standards.

(a) Research and Investigation.

1.     Obtain legal description(s), copies of recorded plans and documents      
     affecting the inspection of the property.

(b) Analysis of Research and Preliminary Conclusions.

1.     The surveyor shall analyze and reconcile record information in order to  
      plan field inspection procedure(s).

(c) Field Inspection.

1.     The surveyor shall identify or establish sufficient control from which reliable                
     measurements can be made to locate improvements to the tract(s).

(d) Computations and Publications of Results. The Surveyor shall:

1.     Compute and compare field information with record data.
2.     Establish the relationship of improvements to the property lines with  
   sufficient accuracy for the purpose of the inspection.
3.     Prepare a plan showing the results of the inspection.

(e) If the property lines cannot be sufficiently reestablished to identify possible   
     encroachments, the surveyor
shall recommend to the client that a property
     survey be performed under the Standards governing Cadastral Original or
     Retracement Surveys.

(2) Technical Standards.

(a) Measurements. Measurements shall be taken to a precision compatible with                 
    the particular problem involved, the size and shape of the parcel involved and                
    the particular detail being located.

Field Notes. All pertinent information, measurements and observations made
    in the field during the course of the inspection shall be recorded in an  
    appropriate field note form and in a manner that is intelligible to other surveyors.

Plans. The client shall be furnished a plan entitled "Mortgage Inspection Plan"               
    drawn to an appropriate scale showing the following:

 1.    A title block showing the political subdivision of the parcel being inspected, the  
        date, the scale, the name and address of the firm or surveyor responsible for
         the inspection shall be included.
 2.    Location of tract boundary with relation to nearest street intersection or other
        suitable reference available to the layman shall be noted. If necessary, a
        vicinity map shall be provided.
 3.    Meridian arrow and its basis shall be indicated.
 4.    Boundary lines of the tract with deed or record plan data shall be noted.
 5.    Improvements to the tract(s) with proper offsets to permanent and accessory
        structures shall be shown with sufficient accuracy for the purpose of the
 6.    Existing record easements and existing aboveground utilities requiring an
        easement (main pole lines, etc., but not house service lines) and any surface
         evidence of underground utilities requiring an easement, such as manholes,   
         inlets and headwalls shall be noted.
 7.    The relationship of the improvements to the property lines shall be shown by
        measurement with a precision compatible with the particular problem involved.
 8.    Recording data of description of subject property shall be included.
 9.    A note shall be placed as to whether the property being inspected is affected by
        a Special Flood Hazard Area as defined by the Department of Housing and
        Urban Development or successor.
 10.  The Registered Land Surveyor's seal and signature shall be affixed to the plan.
 11.  All plans prepared under this section of the regulations shall be suitable for filing
        as an instrument with a recordable deed at the Registry of Deeds.